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What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans?

how to combine flare jeans

While fashion is constantly changing, and new trends emerge regularly, bell bottom and flare jeans are iconic, statement pieces that have truly stood the test of time. From the 70s disco craze to the TikTok generation of young people today, flares can be seen dominating pop culture, and it's expected that this trend will continue for years to come. However, we all know that when we're planning our outfit for the day, it's not always the bottoms that are the toughest choice. Having the right shoes can truly make or break a look. In this blogpost, we'll be discussing the best shoes to wear with flare jeans, starting with our top one - sneakers!

flare jeans sneakers



It should come as no surprise that sneakers have taken our number one spot for the best shoes to wear with flare jeans, as there's a huge range of sneaker options that can suit any style or budget. Sneakers are also very comfortable and give you the ability to stay stylish all day long.

When styling your flare jeans, platform sneakers are a great choice that are aligned with today's trends. Platforms were a 70s staple, so their commonly-seen combination with sneakers in the modern day has been a great way for people to develop their own style while staying true to the old days.

platform sneakers Bullfeet



For another timeless look, pairing ankle boots with flare jeans or bell bottoms are a great way to elevate your style, and you can choose from a range of colours, materials, and heel heights. For a boho, chic outfit, wear your bell bottoms with a croc print faux leather ankle boot. While boho outfits might be up to your taste, you might need a less vibrant shoe pick for a working environment, but that can still suit flare or bell-bottom jeans. If this is the case, then opting for a Chelsea ankle boot will leave you with a trendy wardrobe, but one that gives you a range of shoe options for other trousers or skirts in your collection. If you're searching for a vegan alternative, then check out our custom sneakers options which are simply stunning. 

Chelsea Boot



For a modern look, high top sneakers offer a trendy, comfortable shoe choice that work perfectly with bell bottoms or flare jeans. You can go with the popular black or white sneaker style to match any outfit, or wear a bolder style. Plus, another great benefit of choosing sneakers to go with your flare jeans is that you can find online entirely 3D customisable sneakers to suit your fashion choice. This means that whether your go-to flare trousers are brightly patterned or muted neutrals, you can be certain that you'll find the right sneakers to go with your outfit to take your fashion off the beaten track.

high top sneakers



For a more delicate look, slip-ons are a great shoe to pair with your flare jeans or bell bottoms.  When choosing slip-ons, it's important to remember to make sure that you try on any pairs while wearing your flares, to ensure that the lower hemline doesn't catch on the floor as you walk. These dainty shoes can make any outfit look timeless, and being flat-soled they're also kind to your feet. 

Whether you're vegan or not, it's important to find the right shoes that suit your fashion sense but that also fit into your personal choices surrounding the ethical production of the pieces you buy. In this case, vegan sneakers are the perfect answer to your style conundrum.

slip-ons bullfeet



Rounding off our list of the top picks for shoes to wear with flare jeans or bell bottoms is trainers, but not because we don't think this is a great choice to make for both style and comfort!

No matter who you are, you're guaranteed to find a pair of trainers that are comfortable, long-lasting and suitable for walking long distances. So if you're planning to spend a long day on your feet, trainers are one of the best options to go for (For more tips don't miss our blogpost about the 9 most comfortable shoes for standing all day), you can be certain you'll find the right shoes to go with your outfit.  So if you're looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends while supporting your health, trainers are a no-brainer.

trainers bullfeet


Our products are handcrafted in Spain from sustainable and cruelty free materials. Besides, we have no stock in order to produce zero waste so we are contributing to the reduction of the CO2 emissions typical from mass production processes. Most of the materials we use are recycled, such as the ones obtained from plastic bottles from the sea, or clothing destined to end up in landfills. We promote the circular economy by locating our production in a single place in our facilities in Almansa, a town from the province of Albacete in Spain. 

handmade sneakers


Whether you're new to wearing flares, or you're a veteran wearer of this flattering wardrobe staple, hopefully, by following this guide we've helped you find the perfect shoes to go with your flare jeans. At Bullfeet you'll find sustainable and eco-friendly versions of the most popular platform, high top and customisable sneakers, so there's no reason why you should have to sacrifice your style for what you believe in.

bullfeet sneakers

In a nostalgic nod to the 70s, flare jeans are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Flare and bell bottoms are not only versatile, but they are highly flattering on all body types. So if you're looking for shoes for bell bottoms, then consider some of the top sneaker options we've just recommended you. Otherwise, if you still need some inspiration, you can visit our 3D shoe creator to create your own sneakers from scratch, get inspired by the thousands of designs available, and get your unique vegan sneakers within 7 to 10 days right to your doorstep, as simple as that!

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