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How to Stretch Sneakers

Everyone has dealt with the uncomfortable sneaker fiasco at least once in their lifetime, with size being the villain in the scenario. No feet are the same, just like happens to footwear. When it comes to sneakers, each pair will vary depending on the activity to which they aim for. Because is not the same if we go to a picnic lying on the grass than hiking... This is where the idea of stretching your sneakers comes to play. By the way, do you really know what sneakers are and how did this must-have kind of shoes first came to our lives? Don't miss our blog what are sneakers especially devoted to them.

It may sound quite obvious, although prior to learning how to stretch a pair of sneakers we must ensure which is our right size. We recommend you to have a look at our blogpost: How do you know if a shoe fits properly? where you'll find out.

All set? Then read this blog that will guide you on easy, yet effective ways to stretch your tight sneakers to a bigger size so you can start your day on the right foot!


Yes, it is possible, and it's pretty easy. Some materials used to produce sneakers stretch over time, which is why knowing how to stretch is a knack that provides comfort, no matter your feet' shape. Watch the following video to find out 5 ways to stretch your shoes, and read below to find some extra tips.



Let's be realistic, stretching your shoes as big as one size following homemade methods, may not always be possible. However, there ar few useful tips which can actually work, depending on the shoe kind.

If you ended up reading this blog, most probably you might be thinking why didn't you choose the right size in the first place... In order to avoid having to stretch your shoes in the future, you'll agree with us that choosing the right size when buying your custom sneakers is paramount. Althought the truth is, it's quite common to hesitate between sizes, in fact, we all do. Because of this, at Bullfeet we've created a blog especially devoted to this subject, check it out to learn for once and all how much room there has to be between your toe tips and the shoes (you'll find plenty of useful information) , so next time you'll know it all beforehand. We aim to make your life easy, so when it comes to our custom vegan sneakers, if after following our advice, still you choose the wrong size, we'll readjust it for you, free of charge (one size up or down) so that you won't have to worry about anything at all. Check our website www.bullfeet.com to learn more about us. In the meantime, read below to get the information you've been looking for.


Try these methods and those overly snug sneakers to fit and serve you just right:

how to stretch sneakers

  • Use a blow dryer: Ideally, wearing thick wool socks (or two pairs at a time) with the sneakers you want to stretch when using the blow dryer will help. So, turn on your hair dryer, set it to low or medium heat at most and move the dryer constantly to avoid burning the material for no more than 30'' each time. The continual heat from the blow dryer and the socks will expand the sneakers' material. Keep doing so until you're satisfied with the expanded size.
  • Ice-stretching method: Okay, don't literally freeze your sneakers! The trick here is to get two ziploc bags and fill them with water. As you go along, ensure you don't fill the bags to the brim, as you'll be putting one bag inside each sneaker. Then, adjust the bags as to how much you want to stretch the shoes, and place them top-side upwards inside a freezer overnight. Water expands when it freezes, stretching the sneakers outward against their insides. Remember to leave the sneakers outside for a couple of minutes before trying them on to avoid freezing your feet. Repeat the method if necessary.
  • Stuff the sneakers with a potato: Yes, you've read it well, although, surely this is the most bizarre way to stretch your shoes. Anyhow, we assure you that it works all the same! So hands on it, but prior to peeling and plastic-wrap the potato, make sure that it's big enough to fit the inner part of your shoe's toe. By leaving your sneakers like this overnight, you'll not only stretch them, but will also decrease any pungent smell from the shoes significantly (if there was any). This method works best when you want to stretch your shoes slightly.
  • Make your own homemade spray: To effectively help stretch your sneakers with just two easy-to-get substances; Water and Isopropyl alcohol. Before getting them mixed in a spray bottle, don a pair of gloves and mix them properly. Make sure you thoroughly spray the sneakers' inner parts intended for stretching, and that's it, simple as that! To avoid the material from tearing apart, put on you socks and walk in them for a while.
  • Use shoe-stretching inserts, aka adjustable shoe trees: Shoe-stretching inserts are foot-shaped that enlarge and put external force on your sneakers when placed inside your shoes. Can be found in plastic and wood materials and are available separately both for men's and women's shoes. 
  • Let us do the work for you: If you don't have the time to try out the tips listed above, don't fret! Our team of shoe artisans, like any professional cobbler, will ensure you get our custom shoes adapted to your feet. Plus, you'll be able to create your own eco-friendly sneakers right from scratch, check our 3D shoe creator to choose among the tons of possibilities available.

Once its all done you might be interested in learning how to keep them clean them up. Click the following link to find out all about it: how to clean white sneakers.

At Bullfeet we believe that like sizing, materials do matter, so if you wish to avoid blisters and discomfort, take your time to choose the right fit to your shoes. Our top quality soles, insoles (double-density breathable microperforated) and all the materials used to produce our vegan sneakers are recycled 100% sustainable as per our zero waste philosophy. We are planet concerned and all our products are free of animal-based raw materials.

The Bullfeet Team®