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Bullfeet blog

Find the latest fashion tips to create your own personalised sneakers.

What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans?

While fashion is constantly changing, and new trends emerge regularly, bell bottom and flare jeans are iconic, statement pieces that have truly stood the test of time. From the 70s disco craze to the TikTok generation of young people today, flares can be seen dominating pop culture, and it's...

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What is Greenwashing?

  Do the words Brainwashing and Greenwashing sound familiar to you? What's more, do you think they have anything in common? Get ready, as we'll explain to you what they mean, how they relate to one another, and how several companies misuse them, as part of their scam marketing campaigns. In...

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How to Dry Sneakers

Shoes are made of different materials, such as leather or vegan leather among others, meaning that the divergent kinds of materials require different cleaning and drying methods. Have you stepped in a puddle, been caught in a rainstorm soaking your shoes over? Or simply, you cleaned them up and...

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How to Stretch Sneakers

Everyone has dealt with the uncomfortable sneaker fiasco at least once in their lifetime, with size being the villain in the scenario. No feet are the same, just like happens to footwear. When it comes to sneakers, each pair will vary depending on the activity for which they aim for. Because is...

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What is Vegan Leather?

Fake fur garments are a thing of the past when they seemed like a poor man's thing. Thankfully today, more and more brands like Bullfeet are opting for products 100% sustainable and free of animal abuse. Although, with advances in technology and the scarcity of raw materials, basically we have no...

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The 9 Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day

  Whether you're traveling, going to a gig, or simply planning anything which requires you to stay standing for many hours, which shoes to wear can determine whether you'll have a terrific or awful experience. Because choosing the wrong shoes, not only can ruin anyone's day in regards to...

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