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Bullfeet blog

Find the latest fashion tips to create your own personalised sneakers.

How Do You Know If a Shoe Fits Properly?

As we get older, many are the concerns that increasingly occupy our minds... On top of that, thanks to social media and the excessive consumerism in which we are involved in society, we spend too much time on superfluous issues such as; how many likes do I have, or finding the best filters to use...

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There is No Planet B

As technology advances and Co2 emissions increase, more and more organisations, collectives, individuals and brands such as Bullfeet, are joining the "No Planet B" campaign. Yet, do we know what it really means? Furthermore, what are its main purposes? Read on to find out. What does "There is no...

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How To Tie Sneakers?

  There are many different ways of tying laces, from the most classic and simple, to the most modern and complex ways to give a different look to your shoes, any style. HOW TO TIE UP THE SNEAKERS? Normally, laces are tied in the traditional cross lacing method upon purchase of any lace-up...

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How to Clean White Sneakers

  A basic essential due to their versatility and ease of accessorising any look, a must-have for everyone's wardrobe. Given their colour, they go with pretty much everything. On the other hand, they tend to get dirty easier than shoes of any other tonality. The wonderful sensation of having...

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What Are Sneakers?

Trainers, kicks, canvas shoes... there are many words to refer to a kind of footwear that's none other than sneakers. We all probably have heard the word sneakers sometime before, and know what it refers to, especially those who love this kind of shoes, in fact, the word sneakers has crossed...

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What is Upcycling? Upcycling vs Recycling

  While we are all too used to recycling as a concept that is part of our daily lives, what do we actually know about upcycling or suprarecycling? Below we'll tell you a little more about this concept, clarifying certain doubts that may arise:   What does Upcycling mean? It consists...

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