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The 9 Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day


Whether you're traveling, going to a gig, or simply planning anything which requires you to stay standing for many hours, which shoes to wear can determine whether you'll have a terrific or awful experience. Because choosing the wrong shoes, not only can ruin anyone's day in regards to comfort, but also any sort of outfit. What do you think? Keep reading below, as from Bullfeet we'll provide you with the answer you've been looking for...


The answer is simple: SNEAKERS, no matter what you're up to, you'll always have to have a pair of sneakers at hand. Just think about how many shoes you have, and which do you actually wear, no wonder you have plenty of shoes which you don't really use. This isn't a coincidence, things are changing, so do trends. The reasons behind are that nowadays everything develops so fast, and we are so busy with our daily routines. In other words, we don't have as much time as we used to, especially as we get older. Therefore we are all becoming pragmatic, so people's tendency is to go for the easiest and fastest solutions by all means.

At Bullfeet we know all that, which is why our team works hand in hand producing the fanciest, most sustainable and comfy sneakers suitable for everyone any occasion. Besides, we produce solely on demand exclusively for each of our customers. The entire manufacturing process is ecological, as well as all the materials involved. If you wish to know more, check our platform high tops.


Everything is set for your vacation, it's time to pack your suitcase, and here comes the question: which shoes should I take with me? Baring in mind that your suitcase's room and weight is usually limited (especially if you travel by plane), you have to go for an option that's comfy, lightweight, combines with any sort of outfit, and it's fine regardless of the weather conditions... Could you think of a better choice rather than sneakers? The fact is, that whether you are heading to a winter or summer destination, surely we have the perfect match for you! We invite you to check our website www.bullfeet.com, where you'll be able to create your sneakers from scratch from our shoe creator. So make sure you take your favorite, eye catching pair of sneakers, for a stunning look on all your social media photos!


Your best friend, relative or co-worker is getting married. For a long time, you've been waiting for this day to come, and by now you still don't know which shoes to wear... The only thing you're sure of is that surely it will be the event of the year at which you'll spend a bunch of hours on your feet, or at least until your bones say: sorry dude, that's it for today!

So, which kind of shoes should I wear then? Well, while there are many comfy ones out there, such as flip flops and so on... The truth is that not all of them will suit every outfit like a pair of sneakers do. As a matter of fact, if you are wearing a suit, you could perfectly go for sneakers right away! Whereas if you are wearing a dress, yeah, you'll probably have to for high heels first, but surely you'll have to change them later on. Otherwise, what happens when the party really begins? I guess that, if you really want to have fun and memorable day for the good, you'll need to put your flat shoes on, and again, sneakers will always be the best choice to go for.

Finally there's nothing to worry about, since you landed in the right place, as in Bullfeet you can design your own ones. Choosing absolutely everything from scratch, from the soles to the materials, and every single piece of them, the design is entirely up to you! Thus, for this kind of event you could go for the shiny glittery fabrics which can be found on our 3D shoe creator, among the fastest and most sustainable in the market. Don't hesitate to start creating your own pair of custom shoes!


Before doing anything else, first of all, read as much as you can about the future employer. Sometimes, by the way a given employer introduces themselves or their company, you can already figure out how you should dress up for an interview. It is often the case that the person who's contacted you, will normally tell you most details, including if there's any dress code that you should rely upon. On the other hand, while most of us usually end up dressing up in uncomfortable outfits which don't really match our personality, nowadays most employers tend to opt for a smart casual dress code at work. Although dress codes can range from; smart, smart casual, or simply casual, which for the latter two, you could perfectly show up in a suit over sneakers like with our dressy sneakers. Moreover, if you wish to be genuine, a bit daring, plus comfy as well as identified with yourself... then go for it! For sure this is something that any modern employer will appreciate, and most likely, you will stand out from the crowd... so best of luck!


Sometimes, finding the perfect trainers might be a hard task. Plus the fact that there are million different trainers in the market doesn't really help much. Although, if you really know what you're looking for, finding your perfect match becomes a lot easier. Especially if you seek comfort, quality and a cool pair of  jogging shoes like these ones. You can create your own design according to your tastes and needs. Check them out!

jogging shoes


Kuman trainers shoes are always a win win choice to go for. To top them off, this season we have them in the trendiest colours so popular among both boys and girls. Besides, they feature a dual anatomical footbed that you'll simply love! This comfortable trainers are perfect for long hours on your feet, which is exactly what we aim for when it comes to designing the majority of our footwear. A versatile pair of sporty shoes easy to combine with any look while ensuring high comfort.

kuman trainers


When it comes to trainers, the most comfortables shoes of all, you can't miss our touch sneakers. The BLOW sole featured in this trainers is very light and hardly weights anything. Besides, its rounded shape softens your footsteps providing high comfort. If you want comfy custom trainers to spend long days in, look no further than these!

touch sneakers



This laceless shoes, slip on sneakers are suitable for boys and girls may be a good choice to match any style, whether a formal look or a more laid-back casual style. Basic and simple in style, can be customised entirely choosing every single part from our 3D online shoe creator. 



At Bullfeet we work really hard in order to please our customers, taking care of every single detail from the moment you place your order, until you get them right at your doorstep. Besides, we are planet concerned, all our products are eco-vegan, complying with our zero stock philosophy. By the way, have you heard about Upcycling? If you want to know all about it, as well as our manufacturing processes, check our blog devoted to it called Upcycling vs Recycling, where you'll learn all about it. 

To conclude with, if you are determined to have fun, while creating your favorite pair of sneakers the way you like, check our latest fluor sneakers (a staple this summer season), or get inspired by our designs, to create your own sneakers from the endless combinations available.

fluor sneakers

No matter where you are, as we ship worldwide allowing you to get your sneakers in just 7 to 10 days, that once you get them, you won't want to get them off at all...! Still hesitating?

See you soon! :)