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What is Vegan Leather?

Fake fur garments are a thing of the past when they seemed like a poor man's thing. Thankfully today, more and more brands like Bullfeet are opting for products 100% sustainable and free of animal abuse. Although, with advances in technology and the scarcity of raw materials, basically we have no other choice. In fact, it hasn't been that long and yet... would you dare to show up at the coolest fashion party in kangaroo fur moccasins, or your mum's or grandma's chinchilla fur coat, so typical of the '90s? 

Vegan fur is rarely talked about, given that it's found all over the place. Whether you've heard of it or not before, in this blog we're going to tell you all about it; from what it is exactly, to what's made of and the main advantages of choosing vegan leather as an alternative to traditional leather.


Vegan leather or faux leather are different terms that refer to the same sort of materials. Nevertheless, they are not all the same, as their components and production processes may vary considerably from one to another. Yet, they all simulate fur, or genuine standard animal derived-leather. Note that not all vegan leathers on the market are 100% vegan nor sustainable. Read on as we explain it below.

vegan leather sneakers


There is no single vegan leather as such, in fact there are lots of them. While the vast majority of low-cost products in the market are made from materials like polyvinyl chloride (more commonly known as PVC or eco-pleather). Others, the most sophisticated ones, like the ones we use to produce our vegan sneakers are made from;  recycled cork, pineapple, PET fabrics made from plastic caps from the ocean or recycled clothing destined to end up in landfills. Today's vegan leather is so fine that it's often mistaken for genuine animal-based leather. Like our Veganoa fabric which is sustainable, anti-scratch, liquid repellent and super easy to clean. Check our 3D shoe creator to create your own sneakers right from scratch.


Although the term vegan conveys sustainability in all its variants, it's not always the case. Indeed, as we mentioned above, the term simply means that the leather is the result of a synthetic manufacturing process using products from non-animal sources (somewhat doubtful in some cases). For a product to be 100% sustainable, the materials, glues and manufacturing processes must also be sustainable. To name but one, vegan leathers obtained from PVC are made using highly polluting agents and chemicals... One gets the feeling that a great deal of ambiguity exists when it comes to anything vegan. Sadly, this is why greenwashing brands are on the rise which, if you didn't know (since green is a synonym for sales), these brands fool us with misleading marketing campaigns.

If you too wish to contribute towards ethical and sustainable consumption, put the following tips into practice to choose your sustainable products wisely.

  • Read product labels carefully and contact the brand if you deem it necessary.
  • Don't be fooled by greenwashing.
  • Pay special attention to "low-cost" products.
  • Not all environmental certifications are reliable, check them out by comparing different sources!
  • Go for 100% sustainable products.

how to identify a vegan product


It saves you a lot of money and you'll be contributing to a more sustainable planet, doesn't that sound like a lot? If you need more reasons, then take a look at our blog "There is No Planet B".

Avoiding animal abuse is as important as ensuring manufacturing processes are equally human-friendly. Everyone knows that major brands often produce their products in underdeveloped countries, subjecting workers to extreme exploitation, typical of mass production.

In Bullfeet we care about people, animals and our ecosystem. All our products are cruelty free, and we concentrate our production in our facilities in Almansa (a village in Albacete), thus reducing the Co2 emissions from road transport. We produce solely on demand, exclusively for each of our customers, true to our philosophy of zero stock, zero waste.

In short, we strive every day to minimize our environmental impact, as well as to please our customers caring for every detail of our sustainable sneakers. Do you want to know more?

Visit us on our website www.bullfeet.com.

See you soon!

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