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At Bullfeet we believe that unique shoes or bags should be affordable for everyone.

We are delighted to give our customers the freedom to create their products themselves as to reveal their personality through their own designs

Why Bullfeet?

We are convinced that you'll love to wear the sneakers 100% designed by yourselfbut most of all, you'll be amazed by the comfort and quality that our footwear provides

  • Our shoes have a micro-perforated interior for a leather-like feel and breathability.
  • The insoles are anatomical dual density.
  • Our sizing ranges from size 3 to 17, allowing you to choose from all our materials and fabrics in any of the sizes.
  • All the materials we use are sustainable, eco-friendly, while complying with the OEKO - TEX certification requirements.
  • From the materials, laces, soles and threads... to the glues used for the assembly, all our products are animal-friendly.


The best thing about wearing a product designed by yourself from scratch, is that you create it your own way, from the sole to the laces, the inner lining... etc. So the product will be personalized, making you feel identified with it, in other words, you'll own it.

Besides, the process is super easy and fun and you can do it from any device.



Our customiser is one of the most extensive on the market with millions of combinations at your fingertips...it's very rare that you'll meet someone with the same one. This way yours will be unique, exclusive and special. And of course, to your taste from start to finish.


We add the experience of all our factory colleagues to the quality of the materials we use, which are sustainable and comply with the oeko - tex certification, ensuring the best possible finish that, once you get the it, exceeds all your expectations.