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Customised red sneakers fitted with a ripple under sole, handmade in Spain. Eco-friendly sneakers made from biodegradable vegan leather. Comfortable sneaker, and a great wardrobe essential that you'll love for its versatility.

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Features and care

This classic sneaker features a breathable inner lining, that makes it very comfortable and perfect for any occasion. Entirely made of red vegan fabric anti-scratch, easy to clean and liquid repellent. It has a white sole (1,18in.) paired with a red ripple under sole (0,39in) which adds an extra comfort that you'll love. The laces are red, same as the tongue's embroidery for an extra light touch. This product is made in Spain by shoe artisans on demand, reducing the stock to zero. The materials used in its production are sustainable, eco-friendly and free of animal raw materials.

Shipping & Returns

All our products have a delivery time of 7 to 10 working days.

Our products are made on demand specifically for each customer, therefore they are changeable but non-returnable.


Made in Spain on demand. Zero Stock.

Using sustainable materials, most of which are recycled.