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Bullfeet blog

Find the latest fashion tips to create your own personalised sneakers.

Washing Sneakers in Washing Machine

The right sneakers can elevate the look of any outfit, but keeping them clean is no easy feat! From muddy hiking trails to city pavements, your sneakers can pick up dirt from anywhere. Knowing how to wash them in a washing machine is a great life skill that will breathe life into your worn out...

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Men's Sneakers for Work

Want a comfortable shoe for work but not sure if you can get away with sneakers in the office? While it may have been a controversial take 20 years ago, modern office attire and suits can be paired with sneakers, and still look professional and well put together. Thus, if you're worried about...

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What are Platform Shoes?

Nowadays most female prefer to wear platform shoes as they increase height, are more comfortable than traditional high heels and draw attention. Investing in a pair of stylish and versatile shoes is one of the best ways to glam up your look regardless of your outfit. This is why, if you're looking...

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What is Greenwashing?

  Do the words Brainwashing and Greenwashing sound familiar to you? What's more, do you think they have anything in common? Get ready, as we'll explain to you what they mean, how they relate to one another, and how several companies misuse them, as part of their scam marketing campaigns. In...

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How to Dry Sneakers

Shoes are made of different materials, such as leather or vegan leather among others, meaning that the divergent kinds of materials require different cleaning and drying methods. Have you stepped in a puddle, been caught in a rainstorm soaking your shoes over? Or simply, you cleaned them up and...

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What is Vegan Leather?

Fake fur garments are a thing of the past when they seemed like a poor man's thing. Thankfully today, more and more brands like Bullfeet are opting for products 100% sustainable and free of animal abuse. Although, with advances in technology and the scarcity of raw materials, basically we have no...

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